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Business Challenges

We have spent a significant amount of resource implementing effective security controls within our own environment. But what about the vendors and third parties we do business with and rely on for some of our important services?

If hackers gain access to one of your service providers systems, they could get into your systems too.

SecurityScorecard gives you instant visibility into the security posture of your vendors and business partners. Based on security issue findings within the context of the company size and digital footprint, SecurityScorecard allows you to easily view your vendors on an A to F security rating.

In addition to an overall security rating you are also able to drill down and work with your vendors to address high risk findings as a priority.

How can I audit all of my existing vendors and compare them to other competitors?

SecurityScorecard can help here as well. Not only can you onboard vendors very quickly to meet the requirements of your business but you can also add competitors to enable better comparison. This also allows you to expand your Vendor Risk Management programme without hiring additional staff. As an example, you can see below how you can compare Cloud Storage Providers.

You can also get a view of the rating distribution across the Cloud Storage Providers portfolio as well as the number of providers with the most critical issues.

This information can also be viewed in terms of whether the vendors in our portfolio are improving or declining.

We have to abide by a number of different compliance frameworks – can SecurityScorecard help us?

SecurityScorecard enables you to map security issues and observations against a number of different compliance frameworks including ISO, HIPAA and PCI. Here you can see the compliance status of Google Drive against the ISO standard compared with Dropbox.

Companies with a D or F are 5.4 times more likely to be breached that those with an A or B rating

Any company can access their security ratings profile at no cost. Get your security rating today:

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