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Okta: The Identity Standard.

The Okta Identity Cloud provides secure identity management with Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management, Provisioning, and more. Protect the identities of your workforce and customers – securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time enabling trustworthy connections to the tools needed. Okta is scalable to any size of organisation.

Customer Case Study: "NEL Boosts Patient Care & Operating Efficiency with Okta."

NEL acted proactively, partnering with Okta to consolidate its infrastructure, improve its security posture, delight customers, and reduce overhead.

Find out more how NEL:

  • Took an evolving approach to IT in healthcare
  • Stiched together a fractured infrastructure
  • Chose the right identity partner
  • Streamlined customer experience

Okta in Healthcare: Featuring MFA & SSO.

Understand Okta’s Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On solutions, and how they’re impacting the healthcare industry in this short introductory video.

Okta Remote Working Blogs.

  • “How Okta is Embracing Dynamic Work.”
  • “How Okta’s Security Team Protects Our Remote Workforce.”
  • “Embracing the Remote Work Challenge.”

Driving Digital Transformation in UK Healthcare & Pharma Blog.

The key to unlocking value from digital transformation whilst protecting vital systems and data is Identity as a Service (IDaaS). It’s the only way organisations in the sector can maximise protection whilst supporting the flexibility and IT efficiency promised by new platforms.”

Digital Identity in Healthcare Executive Event
Ft. Sam Shah, Global Digital Health Advisor at DIT

26th November | 8am

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