Introducing Okta Access Gateway

Release Date: 17/04/2020

Author: Grace Maher


Given the uncertain and unprecedented times we are all living in currently, Okta Access Gateway could not have come at a better time. A secure way of providing access to your on-prem apps without having to leverage technologies such as WAM’s or VPN’s, which can add complexity to your environment and higher administrative costs. Even better, is the fact that often using Okta Access Gateway, you do not need to alter the behaviour of the on-prem app, meaning set up is quick and intuitive with adaptive policies enabled through the Okta Identity Cloud.


By leveraging the Okta Access Gateway, you can reduce your identity infrastructure by up to 90%, and still utilise popular on-prem integrations via Kerberos, Windows IWA, or Header Based Authentications — All without having to alter how your on prem application works, or any middleware or databases.

User Experience

End users experience a seamless experience across all their apps and by leveraging the additional security features of Threat Insights and the Adaptive Multi Factor policies set at both a user an application level your business can be assured they are maintaining a stronger set of authentication policies across all of your on-prem, cloud and hybrid applications. Policies can be as granular as to a specific URL, group, or based on network information, meaning that groups can have access to different areas of a web app even if that application does not currently support role based access – a real game changer for some legacy apps.

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