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Major UK Government Body

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Release Date: 14/11/19.

The decision has been made by a central governmental body in the UK to improve the efficiency of their SOC (Security Operation Centre) by purchasing VictorOps for Splunk through Somerford Associates. Their objective was also to maximise their investment, whilst maintaining a high level of security. VictorOps was their security platform of choice, as it can ensure that all of these goals are met. 

Security threats are inevitably a serious matter for Government bodies who hold valuable information on citizens and industries. As any potential attacker could launch an ‘attack’ at any time, members of the SOC required a tool that would alert them of threats outside of office hours. Notifications that appear on their mobile device, for example, allows them, or senior management, to review the severity and urgency of security threats as they occur, allowing for immediate action. What makes VictorOps even more valuable for them, is that it uses the ticketing system that already exists within their infrastructure, and integrates with other pre-existing elements of Splunk. 

Due to our in-depth knowledge of both Splunk and the UK Government, Somerford was well-positioned to provide local implementation with the customer’s Splunk instance. 

We are an Elite Partner with leading-edge providers of innovative, disruptive, agile technologies for information security and operational/business Intelligence working with some of the largest companies and Government Departments. Somerford’s flexible and practical approach is to implement a solution that is appropriate for each organisation. Our services are tailored to the customer needs, our expert certified consultants can advise on the right solution for businesses by understanding the areas of concern.

Splunk is a diverse technology utilised by IT directors and data analysts to help them sort through information and data which they pull from various machines and servers that they work with. It allows them to make better sense of this data, through its ability to search, sort, track, report and alert on these huge pieces of information. Increase your operational efficiencies, optimise IT cost and get the answers you need to find from your data. Redefine IT operations with Splunk for end-to-end insights.

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