How Okta can Assist Automating your Workforce

18/06/2018 – Author: Grace Maher – Senior Sales Engineer

Automating the life-cycle management process in any business is always a dream that seems to never come to fruition. Identity management takes up most of an administrators day not only with password resets and lock outs, but with people moving within the business or new employees who need on-boarding.

The unfortunate reality of this is that hardly any businesses have automated life-cycle management, which can cause real security risks from both insider threats and external predators looking to find a broken link in your suit of security armour. When 40% of all security attacks use intrusion tactics, and with 12% of those being targeted at privileged users▴ – it has become more important than ever to manage your identities with flexible, quick and secure methods.

Okta’s “lifecycle Managment” module can assist all businesses with its ability to automate, centralise and simplify your identity managment. Okta has over 5000 pre integrated applications and over 140▵ of these include automated provisioning and de-provisioning , including the biggest names such as Office 365, Box Salesforce, Workday and more.

okta blog life cycle management infographic

Provisioning means we can automate a new user being made, their assigned applications, adjusting those applications and level of success as they move throughout the business, and the clean up process when they leave – not only for their Okta account, but for hundreds of downstream apps that they used every day. The best thing is that Okta goes beyond just provisioning users to apps – we have a deeper understanding of your needs, and so our integration goes that much deeper. We are able to provision licenses, user and group roles, documents, file shares, and even custom application based roles all within the same easy to use cloud based platform.

If you are interested in learning more about provisioning one of our many pre-integrated apps, or even how we can automate provisioning for your custom apps – please contact us.

▴ Oktane 2018 “Identity Under Attacks” talk

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