Optimise your Usage and Capability of HashiCorp Vault

How Vault secures your distributed systems without becoming a single point of failure.

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Setting the Scene

Join Somerford's certified HashiCorp certified consultants, John Jarvis and Jordan Phillpotts, plus James Astley (Solutions Director for UK&I and UAE), to find out how Vault secures your distributed systems without becoming a single point of failure, plus understand how you can use Vault's HA and toolset concepts, including auth methods and Secrets engines.

Our webinar will deep dive into the Vault Acceleration Program (VAP) a service offered by Somerford to derive value at scale from your Vault Deployment.

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Meet the Experts

Pritesh Mistry,
Partner Sales Leader at Nuaware

James Astley,
Solutions Director UK/UAE at Somerford

John Jarvis,
HashiCorp Consultant at Somerford

Ed Andrew,
Project Manager at Somerford

Full Session Agenda

As a hyper-specialised partner with HashiCorp, and certified Chip consultants who have delivered Vault and Vault Acceleration Programs (VAP) to large global organisations, Somerford will discuss our services and the VAP deliverables to accelerate the value from your Vault implementation.

We will share Customer and Industry Use Cases and help customers to understand the difference between OSS and Enterprise followed by a Q&A with our panel of speakers.

✓ Setting the Scene: Nuaware, Somerford and HashiCorp
✓ Focussed Delivery Partner
✓ HashiCorp Vault Introduction
✓ Adoption of Vault
✓ Difference between OSS and Enterprise versions
✓ Capabilities and Customer/Industry Use Cases
✓ Vault Acceleration Program (VAP)
✓ Next Steps and Q&A

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