Dominating the Digital Battlefield: Advanced Edge to Core Integration for Overpowering your Internal Data Adversaries

Access defence data from Core, remote/Edge devices, whether constrained or not, in real-time.

About the Webinar

Join Victoria Needham from Confluent, along with Jake Hammacott and Oliver Knapp from Somerford Associates, as they explore examples of the Data Presentation Layer and demonstrate how technology integrations can deliver valuable real-time insights.

The webinar will include multiple educational elements, such as:

• Processing, transforming, aggregating, and filtering your data with near-instant responsiveness
• Mitigating front-line (Edge) to Core data disruptions
• Decoupling Edge and Core to minimise the need to evolve both simultaneously
• Extending the overall system life cycle and reducing technical and operational debts
• Making informed decisions faster and augmenting your existing technologies
• Helping HQ, TLBs, and Warfighters leverage all their data in a rapidly evolving environment
• Integrating a diverse range of devices in a unified, scalable, highly available, and platform-agnostic manner


Oliver Knapp

Certified Confluent Technical Expert at Somerford

Jake Hammacott

Certified Confluent Technical Expert at Somerford

Victoria Needham, webinar guest speaker at Confluent

Victoria Needham

Intelligent Disconnected Edge Technologist and Threat, Situational and Far Edge Fabrics, at Confluent

Victoria Needham works in the Advanced Technologies Group, where her primary role is to "see around corners". Over the last 6 years, she has worked with NATO and Commonwealth defence agencies, pioneering the use of Confluent and Apache Kafka technology as a mission modernisation component in SIEM, Cyber Threat and Disconnected Edge.

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