DSPT NHS Splunk App

Download Beta V1 of the Somerford Splunk DSPT Toolkit app. Installation instructions are included in the .zip. For any problems with the app contact us.

What is the Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT)?

The data security protection toolkit (DSPT) was deployed within the NHS services to ensure a level playing field for security posture throughout GP’s, pharmacies, hospitals and services. The requirements are far reaching from policy and procedure through to advanced threat protection, and are in line with the National Data Guardians ten data security standards. By publishing the organisations performance against these standards ensures personal information is handled correctly, but it also prevents against future breaches and assists in reporting on any that occur. 

By utilising the universal indexing functionality of Splunk and the extensive search, Splunk is able to give a deeper insight into the infrastructure and security status. When approaching most NHS organisations, we often found that once we started discussing security posture, the DSPT report would be a main talking point, and so it only made sense to develop a dedicated application to sit on top of Splunk, ingest all infrastructure data for a single pane of glass and easier reporting, but also delivering answers to specific DSPT assertions.

The Somerford Splunk DSPT Toolkit App

Introducing the Splunk DSPT Toolkit – a set of over 30 reports to assist you in specific assertions of the DSPT and evidencing your performance. By using Splunks real-time search functionality the DSPT Toolkit provides easy data correlation to answer with up to the minute results to reduce the time it takes to complete the DSPT report by over 50%. Users also can benefit from a range of over 2000 pre-built applications by some of the largest vendors in their respective fields, granular alerting on infrastructure and security events, and provide deeper operational insights by gleaming as much value from the same piece of data the DSPT report requires.

The DSPT Toolkit is free for Somerford Splunk customers and also is fully supported by the Somerford Support team – if you would like to learn more or see a demonstration, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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