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How do I provide Secure Remote Access without opening up the network with a VPN?

Using Centrify’s Cloud Identity Platform, you can directly publish end resources, be those applications or servers without allowing a user access to the network. Additionally, access can be governed using workflow and allowed only when meeting adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Requirements.

How can I secure access to AWS and Azure instances?

Both AWS and Azure work with their customers to provide best-in-class security for public cloud environments. With IaaS, enterprises share responsibility for aspects of cloud security. Specifically, AWS and Azure are responsible for security of the cloud and enterprises are responsible for what’s in the cloud.

Centrify’s brokered authentication can provide accountability and Multi-Factor Authentication based access to AWS and Microsoft Azure instances, bridging non-cloud directories such as Microsoft Active Directory into the cloud.

How can I effectively design and deliver just enough privilege?

Secure your Windows, Linux and UNIX systems by controlling exactly who can access to what and when. 

Centrify’s patented zone technology provides highly granular role based access controls that simplify the delivery of a role based access control model across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. Allowing the specification of time based access as well as command and application based access. 

Using Centrify’s workflow capabilities we can provide access to privileged accounts and privileged roles on a request, approve basis. Effectively minimising the security risk by allowing administrators to request the role they require to do their job only when they need to use it.

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