Business Process Analytics with no SPL? Business Flow is here.

21/05/19 – Author: Grace Maher – Certified Splunk Consultant

All organisations rely on their ability to measure, monitor and optimise business processes. These processes have a direct impact on their customer journey and experience, and therefore the businesses customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue. The problem with these processes is that they are not simple or easy to monitor, providing an end-to-end view requires ingestion of data from many systems all running on different OS’s and platforms. Splunk with Business Flow enables organisations to correlate data across all systems in a holistic way, to gain a real-time view of your entire process from service and business perspectives.

Despite this, many businesses have not leveraged their machine data to further understand how their technology impacts their processes due to the image of business process analytics requiring a lot of technical knowledge and consultancy time. This is where Business Flow, part of the Splunk Next beta’s fits by providing process analytics, customer flows and journeys without the need for SPL.

analytics with no spl
Splunk Business Flow - Visualising Customer flows & Journeys
By using Splunk’s advanced data analytics and visualisation tools, we provide a holistic view over any business process, service or infrastructure. Leveraging the machine learning toolkits you can model your data to have Splunk show problems to you in real-time, without the need for any “hunting”, or any service desk tickets! Business Flow builds on this best-in-breed foundation by providing simple tools for business users to see granular or high-level flows of users, customers, partners or even processes themselves to note where problems start to occur, and if a service is being held up by a particular point in the process.

By easily overlaying attributes such as age, sex, or even start/end point, you can understand your customers on a deeper level and how they actually use your service, store or products and ensure you are making the most out of every second you have with that customer. By comparing flows you are able to understand if mobile customers receive a better experience than web customers, or if your service users in one country have a longer waiting time than another.
Gleaming high-level customer or user data has never been easier, with automated attribute level dashboards to better understand who your customer is, and how to better market to them. What’s even more useful for business to consumer organisations are the out of the box conversion metrics, with step analysis to provide you with a better view of where a customer falls outside of the optimal purchasing journey. By understanding what events occur around that process you can elevate any latency in a particular step or a problem in the design, reducing your time to repair and cut down your problem fire fighting.
splunk business flow
A Holitsic view over any Business Process, Service or Infrastructure

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