How Okta Can Help Modernise Public Sector IAM Strategies

21/05/19 – Author: Grace Maher – Certified Okta Consultant

Within Public Sector the story is normally much the same, with new software solutions providing convenience but new IT challenges too. It is very difficult to find the right mix of solutions that will satisfy your employee needs, meet what the outside world expects of you, and work well with your existing IT infrastructure. Government agencies, unfortunately, face this more than many other sectors, due to the fact they are upgrading and adopting new IT systems at a faster rate than ever before. There is often a requirement for a hybrid style infrastructure whilst a Cloud-migration is happening, and this requirement to have cloud applications interact with on-premise infrastructure can cause many IT problems. Similarly, robust security and data protection are so essential that it can become a hindrance to getting these projects off the ground or progressing at a reasonable rate. This often leaves many products working together in one role, leading to administrative delays and potential security flaws with accounts being left open once a user has left.

Verizon’s 2018 security report showed that there has been three times the number of security breaches in the public sector than education, and over four times more than in manufacturing sectors. It is easy to see why the public sector is such a target, with large data stores and IT stretched to do more with what they have. This “do more with less” ethos has pushed a lot more public sector applications and infrastructure to virtualised or hosted models, to alleviate the administration and management required, evidenced by a 32% rise in ‘cloud spending’ in 2017.

When looking at the identity management space within the Public sector, most agencies will name the three same challenges:

Balancing security with ease of access for employees, without reducing productivity

Scaling single sign-on across the breadth of your operations

Integrating single sign-on and access policies with all applications, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Simplifying identity and securing access with Okta

When we review these challenges, they seem to underpin the requirements for a new solution in the public sector – one that is able to connect all users to the systems and applications they need on a daily basis, with robust access controls and policies that allow a secure workspace without more challenges for end users. Finding a solution that can tick all these boxes is a difficult task, but Okta can assist your agency get there. Okta is tried and tested with a collection of FedRAMP and CAC/PIV enabled tools that integrate with on-premise solutions and cloud-based SaaS tools that are used so widely (such as Office 365, Google for Business and ServiceNow). Okta focuses on centralising identity controls by collating all a users application and service accounts into one administrative profile, to enable easy access, administration and auditing. Whether your agency is almost entirely made of home-grown solutions, or you are in the midst of a cloud migration, Okta can help.

Okta provides a best-of-breed identity platform that allows you to reduce the time it takes to create and enable a new user or edit an existing staff member moving teams with our Life Cycle Management, coupled with Just In Time provisioning means licenses are not wasted and application accounts are provisioned at the moment of first sign in to Okta. We are able to integrate with many existing Multi-Factor methods as well as providing soft tokens via SMS or mobile app. Leveraging over 6000+ pre-built integrations into applications both on-premise and in the cloud, Okta delivers rapid IDAM modernisation in the industry’s most secure, application agnostic, scalable, cloud platform.

Okta’s commitment to providing customers with a well structured access management platform has pushed them to the forefront of their industry.  For the third year running, they are leaders in their field in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. For further details, refer to our latest news article.

If you are interested in seeing how Okta can assist your IDAM modernisation strategy, or you require more information, contact us on, or call us on 01793 698047

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